Interactive Approximate Search


exSpector has been developed by the Exorbyte GmbH and is a patented process for searching multi-field databases, providing the user with both a powerful view of the data, and a flexible search process. It leverages Exorbyte's core approximate search technology to allow real-time approximate access to a whole database.

One can search the fields in any order; there is no strategy forced upon the user. Each keystroke brings the user closer to the targeted data record without losing the possibility to see and select approximate solutions that are slightly off what was selected so far. In other words exSpector also allows erroneous intermediate selection during navigation to be dynamically remedied without having to retry several choices earlier in the search session.

exSpector introduces the concept of a search session, managed purely by the server, with an emphasis on a very thin client. A history is kept on the server that allows efficient undo and redo operations without storing all intermediate results. The thin-client model allows the rapid development of new clients to suit different environments. Demo implementations that show the capabilities in detail are available as a web-based (JavaScript) client with a (jsp) servlet and as a Tcl/Tk- based client-server solution.

Besides the exSpector technology, Exorbyte also offers the Matchbox SDK that allows to add approximate matching to applications, and a scalable high-performance approximate search server solution.